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As we mentioned earlier this week, the strike could have a significant impact on several games that are currently in production. Since many large companies like Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, Activision, and Warner Bros. Interactive are included on the strike mandate, it means any games ofthose companies that went into production after February 17, 2015 are in jeopardy of facing delays due to the strike, which is something that certainly warrants attention.Here s what the union had to say about the official strike notice which went liveOctober 21, a deadline which set in advance by the union:Our negotiations for a successor to the Interactive Media Agreement have been going on for nearly two years.

 We have consistently conveyed to management both how serious we are about achieving these important aims for our members and our willingness to come to a reasonable deal. While we are disappointed that management intransigence has forced to make this difficult choice, we remain available to bargain and continue to seek a fair and reasonable conclusion to this negotiation.The union is pushing hard for several improvements to the existing agreement, including an all new residual agreement which would guarantee voice actors residual income for games which incur certain amounts of revenue, so that voice actors get a certain percentage of massively successful games as opposed to a finite amount.

 The union is also demanding that gaming publishers inform voice actors about what game they are auditioning for and provide details about the character. Studios typically keep these details on a need-to-know basis to prevent leaks. The union also wants special pay orders for stressful voice acting \x94 grunts, death noises, and yelling \x94 along with the presence of stunt coordinators present anytime stunt work goes into place.In turn, the gaming publishers have insisted that they ve been negotiating in good faith with SAG-AFTRA, and even mentioned that the union had broken a mutually-agreed upon media blackout to prevent news of the waning negotiations from reaching the press. www.rsgoldfast.com

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Players looking for rewards that are a little more meaningfulwill definitely find them here as well including all kinds of RS Gold for Sale Festival of the Lost specific gearsuch as new emotes, a Sparrow and Ghost Shell, and different shaders like Superblack or Candlelight. The popular exotic pulse rifle Bad JuJu has also gotten an update and now allows further customization through the Dragonsbane and Hoodoom ornaments.However, the biggest question on many Guardians minds just might be whether or not the curmudgeon that typically is Eris Morn will be handing out those ascendant raisins again this year.

Weekly NightfallThis week in the Nightfall, players aresent back to the Dreadnaught in the Rings of Saturn to face off againstAluk-Hul, The Darkblade. Another new strike introduced last year in The Taken King expansion, The Sunless Cell pits Guardians against waves of Taken and Hive before arriving at the final stop in a dark chamber home to The Darkblade.Making things more difficult than a dark room and an angry Hive champion, is the fact that both normal and cursed Thrall constantly join in the fight requiring that players not only keep tabs on Aluk-Hul, but keep an eye out for exploding enemies.

 Thankfully, we ve managed to simplify this strike for players, so make sure to check out our guide on wrapping this mission up quickly and efficiently.The following modifiers have been added to the strike to make life more difficult for players: Epic, Brawler, Chaff, Match Game, and Exposure.Epic adds heavily shielded enemies that aremoreaggressive and appear in greater numbers.Brawlergreatly increases guardian melee damage.Chaff completely disables player radar. Keep in mind that this modifier also affects players using radar enhanced weapons or the Memory of Gheleon artifact. www.rsgoldfast.com

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Festival of the Lost TreasuresHowever, with the first post-Rise of Iron event, Festival of Pokemon Go Level Up the Lost 2016, microtransactions have taken their darkest turn in Destiny. For the first time, players are actually starting to lash out at the concept of Eververse and, in turn, against Bungie as a whole. Initially, microtransactions may have existed off to the side of the experience, but with Festival of the Lost they have been brought front and center.Like with Sterling Treasure, Destiny players have three chances to earn Treasures of the Lost, but that only per account.

 So, if they don have three characters then their chances are limited further.At a glance this system might be fine, but Festival of the Lost is an event themed entirely around the collection of masks and Halloween-themed items. And the new Halloween items only come from Treasures of the Lost, which further pushes players towards spending money. If players even wanted to collect a small percentage of the available Festival of the Lost items, which include two new Ghosts, a new sparrow, and new Bad Juju ornaments, they would have to spend real money.

 There no way around it.To be fair, plenty of Destiny players will spend $10, $20, or even $100 to unlock the items they want and not consider that money wasted. It is fun to gamble on loot boxes, but it also important to take a step back and realize what type of mentality that spending is encouraging.Had Festival of the Lost introduced new things to do beyond collect masks, the feelings wouldn be so negative towards the event. But as of now, the community is very up in arms and concern for future events is growing.
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 In addition to a full-fledged offline campaign mode, Respawn are also doing right by many players, promising to deliver free DLC for all gamers in an attempt to maintain unity within the community.The numbers are not particularly positive in the UK at the moment, and it doesn t look like the situation will improve much as the highly-anticipatedCall of Duty: Infinite Warfarewill be released in a few days time.Titanfall 2may have lived up to its award asbest online multiplayer of E3 2016, but it appears that the game will have a tough fight against some heavyweight competition.

 Given that it is still relatively early days, hopefully the positive word of mouth and quality of the final product will be enough for the game to garner a strong following in spite of its rivals.Titanfall 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.Source: Chart Track(via VG24/7)

In an interview with French website JeuxVideo, Final Fantasy 15 DLC Producer says the studio will consider adding heroines like Luna as playable characters.Whatever Final Fantasy 15 is really about is a mystery. The game will clearly have plenty of serious moments \x94 if therecent Omen trailer is any indication \x94 but it has been heavilyadvertised simply asstory about four dudes on a road trip trying to save the world. Maybe that s not all its about, but itdoesn t help that the game opens on scantily clad mechanic Cindy telling the boys her father does all the actual work. www.rsgoldfast.com

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 While the campaignmay not last as long as manygamerswillhope, Respawn Entertainment gives each chapter its own unique feel, introducing new platforming and combat elements to keep things from growing stale. Time rifts, natural predators, puzzles, wave survival segments, and one-on-one Titan boss fights will come at the player aplenty, and by the end of the finalchapter Respawn Entertainment will have proven its mettleat developing a single-player experience with plenty of meat on its bones.

 This is a memorable campaign that tries plenty of new action mechanics, and most of them seem to deliver.Whilethe studio did a phenomenal job making the campaign a fun and memorable experience, the character development as a whole is a mixed bag. Cooper s Titan, BT-7274, is easily the most memorable protagonistof the game and really comes to life through some quirky dialogue and emotional moments as the titleprogresses, but the rest of the cast fail to produce any noteworthyperformances. Despite this, by the time the credits get rolling, it s not hard toimagine most gamers will have been touched by the bond that forms between the two main characters, and that s what Respawn Entertainment set out to do from the start.

 The intent of this campaign was to prove that a sequel to Titanfall could provide an adrenaline-filled, memorable experience from start to finish, and establish a plot capable of being expanded upon. Mission accomplished.The original Titanfall set the bar high in terms of multiplayer, and here Titanfall 2 doesn t dare disappoint. Whether gamers are in a classic war of attrition or are busy capturing hardpoints across a variety of maps,Respawn Entertainment has struck a fine balance between fast-paced multiplayer, parkour-inspired pilot navigation, progressive unlocks, anda visceral combat experience. www.rsgoldfast.com

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 During its earnings call, Activision also revealed that upon its release, World of Pokemon Go LVL Boost Warcraft: Legion sold 3.3 million copies on its first day matching all-time records achieved by previous expansions for the popular MMO.Not long ago, during ChinaJoy 2016, NetEase president Li Riqiang discussed his company partnership with the game developer Blizzard, bringing up the studio potential plans to possibly introduce a free trial for Overwatch sometime in the near future. While this hasn t officially been confirmed by the developer or come to fruition as of yet, should Blizzard do so, it wouldn t be bizarre to find that the registered user base for Overwatch growing exponentially.

Taking all of this into consideration, it s safe to say that Overwatch is easily one of the most popular releases of 2016. So, should Blizzard eventually make the TV show based on the shooter that it has teased in the past, then even that could influence gamers who haven t tried the game yet to pick up a copy and register as a player. In any event, we will just have to wait and see what other strategies Blizzard utilizes to gooseOverwatch s registration numbers even more so.Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

One talented fan of developer Rockstar Games 80 s-themed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes it upon themselves to remaster the open world title s intro.As many fans will certainly attest, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is not only one of the best entries in Rockstar Games long-running franchise, but also one of the top PlayStation 2 games to play. So, with there being so much love for the PS2-era release, fans of the series will undoubtedly fawn over the YouTube channel Majami Hiroz s remastered footage of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City s scene-setting intro.

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 Over the next few months, fans who subscribe to the newsletter fortheMass Effect: AndromedaInititative will get details involving Arc overviews, ground and space vehicle certification, outpost establishment guidelines, as well as first contact protocols in case new species are discovered during exploration. Furthermore, those that sign up will also receive weapons, biotics, and survival training. Taking all of these highly detailed plans into consideration, it seems as if BioWare is now prepared to begin promoting Mass Effect: Andromeda with all of its resources, possibly indicating that its tentative early 2017 release date is going to remain firmly in place.

 However, considering the game s past postponements \x94 it was initially scheduled to drop at the end of 2016, for instance \x94 the potential s still there for the studio to push it back again. As a matter of fact, during Electronic Arts latest financial briefing, CFO Blake Jorgensen stated it would delay the release of the game if it s not ready in time, which is understandable, but hopefully not a move that needs to be made.Mass Effect: Andromeda is currently scheduled to release during the first quarter of 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Blizzard announces the Overwatch League, which seeks to establish regional fan bases and provide greater security for players and team owners by copying traditional sports.TheOverwatch announcement that got the most attention at this year s BlizzCon was the long awaited reveal of Sombra, the next hero to be added to the game. However, Blizzard made one other announcement during the opening ceremony that could potentially have an even bigger long-term impact for Overwatch, a titlethat now boasts more than 20 million players. www.rsgoldfast.com
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While this certainly makes the stage one of the more interesting and visually impressive offerings in Pokemon Go LVL Boost the game,GameSpot notes that the moving background might prove problematic for professional players as it could be a bit of a distraction. There s a possibility that this stage could prove popular with casual players but end up being banned in high-level tournaments like the Kanzuki Beach stage often is.Skies of Honor is available now for $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money. While it s understandable that Capcom needs to continue making a profit on the game through DLC, one wonders if there will be any more content added to the game for free like the patched-in Story Mode.

 Yes, Fight Money can be earned entirely in-game so it is technically free to players who make the time commitment, but Capcom would certainly restore some good will if it would continue to throw the community a bone or two.As for Akuma, the character will be playable at the PlayStation Experience, which takes place this year on December 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Capcom has not announced an official release date or pricing information for Akuma. Until then, perhaps players will continue to take matters into their own hands by modding in characters from other video games.

 Tracer from Blizzard sOverwatch was modded in five months ago withMei and othersjoining shortly thereafter.Street Fighter 5 is out now on PC and PlayStation 4.SourceFV Mods Street Fighter V Mods \x94 YouTube (via GameSpot)

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Nvidia s CEO says that gamers are going to be amazed by the Nintendo Switch and that Nintendo s new console is like nothing they ve ever played before. When Nintend0 announced the Nintendo Switch, gamers were immediately impressed by the home console/handheld hybrid.The console allows players to both play games on their TVs and slide out a tablet version of the Switch to Pokemon Go LVL Boost take on the go, with the announcement trailer suggesting that fans could sit around and host tournaments across multiple Switch tablets as they re out and about.

But gamers aren t the only ones with plenty of enthusiasm for the console as Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is also rather excited. During the company s Q3 financial briefing, the Nvidia executive said that several hundred engineering years have gone into the development of this incredible game console. I really believe when everybody sees it and enjoy it, theye going be amazed by it. It really like nothing theye ever played with before. Huang also revealed that Nvidia, which made the Tegra CPU that powers the Switch, has been working with Nintendo for almost two years and that this is a relationship that will likely last two decades.

 As a company with a vested financial interest in the Nintendo Switch doing well (Huang says that Nintendo contributed a fair amount to revenue growth in its gaming sector), the executive s comments may be rose-tinted. However, with Nintendo planning a big Switch reveal for January,the console may well have more amazing features up its sleeves.Moreover, the Nvidia CEO certainly isn t the only games industry figure to have something incredibly positive to say about the console as Ubisoft s CEO called the console really great  while Take-Two s CEO is also enthusiastic about the console.

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 Regardless, EA is not giving up hope and is playing the long game and isn t worried about short term sales figures.Speaking to aUBS conference in San Francisco, EA CFO BlakeJorgensen commented on the disappointing sales figures for Titanfall 2 saying that the Pokemon Go Level Up company is taking a long term view for Titanfall 2 so the day one and week one sales figures are not that important to them. EA continues to be confident in the game continuing to build a fanbase over time adding that everyone who has played the title, loves it.

Part of the plan to continue player engagement is through free digital downloadable contentsuch as new maps and game modes. While no additional details were provided, Jorgensen confirmed that Respawn Entertainment is set to deliver as substantial amount of digital content going into next year.We remind people we re building a franchise with Titanfall, so it s not about the first day of sales or the first week of sales, it s about the long run.Unlike the first game which originally featured a season pass, Respawn has confirmed that all post-launch content for Titanfall 2 will be available to all players for free.

 The first wave of content is set to arrive sometime in December starting with a remastered version of the fan favorite Angel City map from the first game. Though no details or screenshots have been provided forthe map, players who originally pre-ordered the game will get access to the map three days earlier than the rest of the community.Even though Titanfall 2 improves upon the formula established by the first game by giving players more content, more customization options, more modes, and a fully fleshed out single player experience, the sales have unfortunately not followed suit.

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