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Hello! My name is Robert I am a freelancer and provide what is called "write my essay". I used to work as a teacher and do know how to do my work well! Here I am going to share my thoughts and my stories.

In this post I would like to tell you about nights in England. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Dalston is a place where all the Londoners meet to enjoy that sepia-like charm, inherent to the bars. There are quite a few to mention here, including the jazz spots, where unique music and good company are guaranteed, and the blues bars. You will also find an attractive feature or two in the décor, an element we personally love, because it helps to create an atmosphere truly unforgettable. Few of the London bars serve one of the greatest fish and chips you’ve ever tasted, and if you are hesitating, remember they don’t offer special treats very often, so you will have to squeeze yourself between the strangers to get the desired portion. But we are urging you to remember this is all going to be worth the trouble, as most bars have an international community, supportive of the newcomers.You can literally be from any part of the world and still enjoy moments of peace. If you are not a fan of intricate recipes and exquisite details, go in for an Italian treat. Pizza is a universal dinner, and you will be served one of the best in the city, considering the overall price and the amount of effort they put into making it. Don’t be afraid to make the wrong choice and try the small, buzzing places near the London underground, which resemble a hostel in anything but name. They are usually crawling with newbies, who have no idea of what is going on the area, but you can also meet some of the coolest people here. For those, who are looking for an adventure, try the tapas, served on fire. They scream danger in every letter and can be paired with a macchiato. This would be the perfect start for a London evening of your dream, and you won’t be disappointed if we say it’s all about the cuisine and the good company. In case you want to have a chat with a Londoner and don’t know where to go to achieve that goal, we can recommend Sông Quê Café, the exotic restaurant in the middle of Kingsley road. It is not only relatively cheap, but also pleasant in the exterior and serving a bunch of fresh herbs with every dish, a unique quality in the English restaurants. Your opinion on the restaurant may vary from year to year, but there are places and things that just don’t change, no matter the weather outside, and this is one of them, a treasure in the heart of the nation.

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By Robert Roberts
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