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lily Nov 9
oneself round the restriction of opening any treaty of Er Na, and France although have been fighting for a Soviets hard, hope to resume European War to attack from both flanks the situation of Germany, cloth row Si Andrew Luck Women Jersey especially the edge of knife of contract have been dull pain up to now, so restriction the Soviets also have no bad place all of a sudden, much less this kind of restriction still equals to become mutually rise in price, make money to have more what not good? Attend to Wei Jun to certainly know the idea of these nation, in fact Yang Qiu and his company measure early work well however of preparation.Of so put forward, pure think is fight very hot American Su's relation.Certainly, this agreement also not is make unfounded accusations, it is in fact to is one to plan the medium with"the Pan escapes affairs", want to make Stalin worried through a drafted plan be thoroughly surrounded, let Soviets of the industrial plan is more difficult, force he for run a blockade to stand but walk insurance. See the facial Eric Ebron Women Jersey expression of Soviets delegation know, this obstructs the drafted plan that they join a country to unite to carry out embargo have much serious. Washington, the White House. "Say like this, Yang Qiu is the disorder that interrupts to make use of Moscow, expels it outside the country allieds door and carry out industrial embargo?"Roosevelt sits on the wheel chair and have already could not seen one year ago on the face of worried.Although someone blames his 《industry instauration bill 》 to breach constitution recently, economy stimulate plan already beginning see result, the people start benefiting, economy recovery will soon obvious, so his in good humor a lot of. The section Jack Mewhort Women Jersey virtuous Er has already adapted to the White House life and gradually writes freely on the international problem.Nod a way:"It is such.Yang Qiu should be able to see, in the peace of Su's very weak, from Afghanistan to Siberia, both parties hoard at the troops of frontier over 600,000.On meeting in the Soviets political bureau in the beginning of last year, Stalin puts forward for the very first time Chinese as a rival, the news of national territorial scope try to recover to establish in official gazette in Shanghai, seem have already asked for fire Yang Qiu, so even if the news that hears open hostilities now I ain't strange." "He Mr. Er, I interrupt for a while, if the country is allied to pass embargo, will we was in Dutch?" The section virtuous Er words sound didn't fall and sat in admiring of Roosevelt's the left side-the Lao Ai is virtuous-the Huo Pu gold Si suddenly interrupt him.The Huo Pu gold Si this year is 43 years old, T.Y. Hilton Women Jersey cave inside the cheeks, the shape is thin small, the original pen western dress for standing wears on him and is like a set on a Malaysia monkey.But section virtuous Er don't dare to have the heart of any slight, because he isn't only the main plan of new government but also a more dependent"think tank" of Roosevelt, even all of important"with work generation Zhen" projects are what he puts forward combine personally carry outs. "Will there are some troubles."The section virtuous Er says:"The drafted plan that this China puts forward although limits a military industry, this kind of definition is very misty.Big parts of tool machine equipmentses can used for a military, even the steels can be thought to is a military supplies, because it can make weapon.
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