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lily Nov 9
Father, do we want to go where?Why want to hide every day, also want to take bus every day?"The just 7-year-old daughter feels beloved rag doll, stare big eyes to don't understand why since the Moscow set out, Julian Edelman Women Jersey father takes she and mother every day not is take bus be hide. "We."Qin Jian loves to pitily start to embrace an obviously emaciated daughter and looking at break out of with him, all don't know true identity of oneself and purpose up to now, it is Stalin to also think because achievement Gao Zhen mainly kills his wife, tiny tiny a smile:"It is going to seek an Utopia." "Mother, what is the Utopia ?" The full face of Mary's Anna worries.In those early years she because was just young, kept in mind Chuai to dream of full chamber enthusiasm since the Estonia arrived at Moscow, but married Qin Jian to Rob Gronkowski Women Jersey understand to allow much more inside stories, just knew that oneself is almost developed needed to keep"barn swallow" that the man goes to bed company every day, knew more originally the politics and ideal completely is a different thing, so is no longer thought a pure girl. "Is very quick you will know."Qin Jian very intimately pares off the daughter's nose and embrace she takes a wife to arrive at outskirts a farmer of commonness, be he force open rusty iron cable, after pulling the waterproof oilcloth of overalying livelong six years, an armor of newness cross-country car, very neat gasoline bucket, still have complete set Soviets technique expert secret development of the polar region investigate material to suddenly appear in the in front. The daughter who has never seen takes them as a toy, but Mary's Anna suddenly the Wu shut up. Hope east to touch Sony Michel Women Jersey the daughter whom the west touches, Qin Jian sees watch.If don't is amiss, ancient the man comparing snow should have already been connected by Chen Hao Hui's eldest brother to walk, own mission get here have already calculated all completion!Connect down, should be a time that go ahead regardless life's go to!He walks to nearby, the wife makes an effort to hug her.Start from here, he will step on a road of difficultly going home, the nobody can help him any further.Already 50-year-old oneself, can also protect family to cross a boundless unmanned polar region turn of several thousand kilometers to return to a motherland?Although is a summer, road up will meet how much dangerous?He doesn't know that but some matters can promise. Yu Ren and Japanese Tom Brady Women Jersey soldier department start pareparing for war, Stalin is made the dog blood sprinkle an estimate to don't arrive also really where go to, Yang Qiu also wants to prepare appropriately naturally.The Ministry of National Defense small board room in Peking in early morning makes to coax, flood and field empty armed forces several ten high classes will get if aunt's sort that buys vegetables argues endlessly.Today is the day that divides cake, fully 9,000,000,000 material purchase the expenses finally pass examination and approval in the congress, so the armed forces brains brain of representative director and the head of the technique material department all eyes Be red to kill to come over.Because peaceful period national defense soldier use of is a market.
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