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Leave Your Cellphone In The Hostel If Possible

Leave Your Cellphone In The Hostel If Possible

Cellphones are great distractions and more so in class when you need optimum concentration. If you want to always depend on assignment writing service Canada for your assignments, then carry your phone to class and respond to every text.

For starters, it can put you at loggerheads with your professor who is expecting you to concentrate on the lecture because that is what has brought you to college and class. It will also be to your advantage when you focus fully on the teaching from your lecturer, because you will make better notes. Some say that they carry their phones because someone may need them urgently. They forget that most of their close friends understand that they do attend classes, and they can call their friends instead to deliver the message.

Carrying the phone and putting it on mute mode will not help you much. Any time that the screen glows after receiving message you will want top pick it up and see who the sender is. The rest of the class will be safe from the distraction but you will still be in the same time wasting fix. The only solution is to only use your phone when not in class.



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