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Sitara Gull
Sitara Gull Oct 15

Due to the social and economic disparities of the life threatening Coronavirus, everyone is fed up with the everyday chants of lockdowns, shutter down, go home and social distancing. The alleys and roads are empty. The jobbers are being sent back to their homes to “Work from Home”.  Many of us have lost their earnings.

All sorts of social and religious ceremonies are forgotten to stop the painful spread of this clueless respiratory disease. There is not a single business left unaffected by this daunting corona crisis. Travel and tourism has come to deadening halt.

This unseen Corona creature is not even letting the mankind think about their spiritual tours like Umrah or Hajj through Cheap Hajj Packages.

The long term closure of travel and tourism industry has left many of us sad and homesick. Many of the diligent travel agents and wanderlust roamers are sitting worried and depressed.  The homesickness that every time globetrotters are going through is getting worse day by day.

So I am writing this to console these travel lovers and tour agents to cure up their travel bug or homesickness right inside their four walls


4 Fun ways to recreate the sense of traveling


Don’t be sad. These difficult times are surely meant to pass. If you can’t travel don’t worry. Everyone is in the same boat. Stop feeling suffocated. Just follow the following steps to recreate a travel feel right at your home.


Read Travel Books

It is rightly said that the books have the world of their own. They have the power to make you visit to another soothing ineffable world.  Read the travel books and immerse yourself in adventure traveling experiences to stay inspired for your future dream visit when things just get to the normal. Get new travel tips and ideas to write up in your future travel diaries.

Some popular traveling books are Alchemist, Wild, Beach and so on.

Watch Travel Series and Movies

The media and film industry has widest range of entertaining and informative material to satiate the all sorts of crazy viewers’ mind.  You can also satiate your travel craving by watching far-fetched classics like Indiana Jones or bio-pic like Wild.

You can also mesmerize your eyes and soul by the awe-thrilling documentaries of National Geographic channel on the pristine untouched Natural beauty

Enjoy a Virtual Travel

There are many inspirational travel videos and documentaries which take you on a virtual travel. Even while sitting on a couch you can immerse yourself in the beauty and bounty of the jaw-dropping must visit world places.

Scroll through Different Travel Blogs

You can get the inspiration of your next dream travel and even pick up any desired destination to add up in your future or next travel bucket list through different inspirational travel bloggers readily available online. 

You can also follow popular Instagram travel accounts of world famous travelers from anywhere across the globe.

Some popular travel Instagram accounts are expert vagabond, world wanderlust, wandered and many more.