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Ankit Sep 26

When dealing with complex health and trauma, the unifying experience is one of dysregulation and an internal sense of danger or ‘All is not well. Something is wrong.’ 

While our experiences are completely personal and multifaceted, deriving from our unique life map, neural foundations, predispositions and personalities, we can all identify with the feeling that something just isn’t right.

Based on this, we can simplify the underlying approach to recovery – to move towards regulation and access an internal sense of safety.

Natalia's approach incorporates talk, touch and relational resonance, to increase our ability to co-regulate and self-regulate. The approach addresses both neurophysiological dysregulation and psychological sense of internal discord or fragmentation. It supports a shift from survival physiology towards a state of regulation, connection and unified sense of self. 

When we can feel safe within ourselves and within connection to others and the world around us, we can exist with greater ease and appreciation. 

The key is to master our neurophysiology, so that we can self-regulate -  adapt to the ever-changing landscape of life and return from chaos to calm again and again.

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